The ACT Government will set up a taskforce to investigate how schools can better support students with learning difficulties.

    About 600 Canberra residents have signed a petition calling for better recognition of the learning difficulty dyslexia within schools.

    Parent Jennifer Cross, whose son has dyslexia and struggles with reading and spelling, started the petition.

    She says the goal is to unlock funding and resources for the classroom, including technology that helps dyslexic students.

    “I’m hoping that by doing this petition, it will actually result in the students getting support at an earlier age because early intervention is the key,” she said.

    Jodi Clements from the Australian Dyslexia Association says Canberra parents with dyslexic students are having a hard time.

    “They’ve been told by their school that dyslexia is not recognised. They’ve been told that there’s no funding to help children identified with dyslexia,” she said.

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The Australian Dyslexia Association can be found here

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