Samford State School Parent Support Group
Samford Queensland

NEWSFLASH: First Dyslexia-Friendly school in Australia
Proposed first dyslexia-friendly school in Australia.

The dyslexia support group at Samford State School welcomes parents from all schools and the local community.

The group is working with the school to:
· Further develop in service education for school staff including how to identify dyslexic pupils.
· Acquiring funding and resources. For example: assisted technology, computer programs and in the longer term for further teacher aid support and teacher training.
· Parent and volunteer support for dyslexic pupils in school (including parents who cannot help in school hours but who are willing to help by making resources e.g. sight word cards).
· Understanding and adoption of adjustments in the classroom to assist with dyslexic’s learning and self esteem.

The ultimate aim of the support group is for Samford School to operate as dyslexic friendly, but there are positive things that can happen while we work towards this.

For more info please contact Jane Wightman and Sarah Hunt


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