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Unlock the World. Give the Key to Reading.

At ADF we believe that literacy and numeracy is essential for the empowerment of a person in modern society. Regular education leaves many people without the ability to read and write.

Students with dyslexia and related conditions learn differently and thus do not benefit from merely repeating standard educational methods. DARE strives to bring the joys of reading to children and adults who need a multi-sensory approach to unlock its mysteries.

We believe that good reading and numeracy are necessary for all, and that poverty, isolation, mental health difficulties and neurological conditions should not cause vulnerable people to miss out on the right help.

We are open to all who could not afford necessary assessment or tuition without assistance. We are non-discriminatory and reach out to indigenous, non-English speaking background, isolated and disadvantaged people throughout New South Wales.

We appreciate the gifts that those who learn differently can give to our society and seek to make the world more understanding and accepting of difference.

We use the knowledge and experience gained from helping families and individuals to campaign for better awareness and access to services.

ADF not only provides individual guidance and tuition but also advocates for change in education and the workforce. Full participation in society is extremely difficult without reading, writing and numeracy. Provision of suitable remediation and accommodations is thus a basic right.

ADF is a registered Charity and is fully accountable. So give generously today to unlock the world tomorrow.


Antonia Canaris BA Dip Ed MEd

Antonia Canaris is a special education teacher who has taught in public and private schools and is now running a centre to help children and adults with a range of learning difficulties. Antonia has seen how dyslexia attacks the self-esteem and life-prospects of her students and family members. This personal and professional experience has inspired her to work towards helping people with dyslexia directly and to inform public understanding on dyslexia. She has seen first-hand how research-based multi-sensory individual treatment can transform the students’ lives and wishes to enable the many people who require such help to receive it. Antonia is an Associate Member of the
Australian Dyslexia Association.  To contact her , please ring 0414-760-663.

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